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                                      INDIVIDUALS Lawyers and Companies generally have a reasonable idea of what their problems require from an outside consultant. Private individuals often do not. Admitting that it is time to consult a professional can be difficult. Searching one out can be overwhelming. Now that you have taken the first step, learning what you need to know to proceed, is straight forward. This is our process: During a brief telephone conversation in which you will outline your problem, we will explain clearly and candidly, which avenues are most suitable to resolve or manage it. You will know the approximate costs to expect, and we will not quote unrealistically low fees, nor negotiate our rates, as a means to acquire your business. The conversation could end with you realizing that outside intervention is premature or even inappropriate. More likely however, you will be satisfied that we offer the adaptable services that meet your specific needs. Then, as an educated consumer, you can feel confident in entrusting your matter to our expertise. Depending on the logistics, there may be a face to face meeting at the time of assignment. An Agreement for Service will be executed, and a retainer is usually preferred. Upon completion of the assignment, the final accounting is subject to HST.