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                                               SERVICES The services listed are by no means all-inclusive, often overlap, and will be adapted to specific requirements. If your particular predicament is not clearly included below, be assured that in all likelihood, we have dealt with something similar before. Surveillance: of people, places, things. ( This is often the first method that comes to   mind when considering investigation; although regularly undertaken when appropriate, it is only one of the many avenues available to you. ) Background Information: past and current: on persons, events, things. Locating: witnesses, relatives, heirs, friends, debtors, spouses, partners. Interviews: with or without statements, all matters. Record Retrieval: medical, public, police, Ministries. Subpoena Service: hourly rate only. Litigation Support: including testimony and affidavits. Insurance Claims: disability, death, disappearance, dismemberment, property, vehicular, dossier analysis. Employment Issues: monitoring, theft, conflicts, pre-employment, human rights, W.S.I.B., disability. Risk Analysis: premises security, personal security. Family: custody, support, neglect, seniors, biological, missing, substance abuse, infidelity. Financial: income, gambling, loss, assets. Due Diligence: business matters, personal relationships. Consultation: one time or on-going, for and as, alternatives to investigation. Settlement Negotiations: Dispute Resolution or direct representation of one party.